Pro Jayhawks update

  • I check the box scores regularly. Here’s some encouragement and some discouragement. The old guys: Paul 13 pts, 6 rbs, 3 asts Drew Not playing, listed as with Bucks Kirk 7 pts, 1 rb, 3 asts Nick 6 pts, 2 rb, 1

    The championship guys: Mario 9 pts, 3 rbs, 5 asts Darrell 3 pts, 2rbs, 1/2 ast Brandon Played 1 game for Utah Cole Played 1 minute last night, 1 foul, 1 TO

    The OAD’s Xavier 10 pts, 2 rbs, 1 ast.
    BMac 8 pts, 2 rbs, 1 ast Selby Not in league

    The T boys Tyshawn Sprained ankle. No stats given, but I think he played once or twice. TRob 5 pts, 3 rbs, 1 ast

    The M boys Marcus 8 pts, 6 rbs, 1 ast Kieff 16 pts, 7 rbs, 2 asts

    Withey 6 total minutes, two points

    A few observations.
    The twins are hot. Kieff scored 28 last night. The OAD’s have had good games, but recent games had almost no playing time. 08 was a team, not individuals as judged by their relative lack of success. Kirk and Nick are ideal role players. Check Nick’s career stats, incredibly consistent over the years. Pierce is the star of the group. If I forgot anyone, let me know.

  • Are those numbers averages? Season?

  • Pretty sure Tyshawn was sent to D League this week.

  • The numbers are the averages for this season alone.

    Thanks, Jaydoc

  • Are Langford, Collins, and Releford playing somewhere? What about Wright? Thanks.

  • @Wishawk, no sign of any of them in the NBA. I didn’t check on anyone playing overseas.

  • Julian Wright is playing for Krasnie Krilya (Russia).

    Keith Langford is playing for EA7 Armani (Italy)

    Travis Releford is playing for Aalstar (Belgium)

    As far as I know, Sherron Collins is not playing and he is training in Lawrence hoping to get call if he can get his weight under control

  • Thanks JHFToo. I just noticed the Knicks got blown out, but Cole played and grabbed 7 boards and tied for the team lead with three assists! Scored 2 points. Kieff has 13 at the half of his game.

  • BTW, Elijah Johnson is playing for Rosa Radom (Poland)

  • I always wonder if Julian would have done better had he stayed longer. The question being…are you better off practicing with the pros and sitting on the bench or playing a lot in college. Probably, whatever holes in his game (shooting?) would not have gotten better since he has had plenty of time to try to make it in the league. It’s just hard to believe that a guy with his talents couldn’t do something in the NBA (even though everyone is talented once you reach that level).

  • Practice? You’re talking about practice?

    My impression is that you don’t get a lot of practice in the pros. I suspect he would have had a longer and more successful pro career with one more season as a Jayhawk.

  • @tundrahok, and he might have had a ring had he stuck around. I saw him play in High School once knowing he had signed with KU and came away not totally wowed. His game didn’t appear polished. I’m no expert for sure, but that was just my opinion.

  • @wissoxfan83 He played below the rim in high school (at least from his highlight videos back then) just like other KU recruits at the time that started dunking once they got to KU.

    Our recruits now dunk on tape thoroughly in high school 🙂

  • This thread and those stats from guys we all love adds support to my belief that they must strike while the iron is hottest to maximize earnings. You just never know how long you can play for great pay.

  • Here is a pro update…

    Check out Trob killing the “M” twins…

  • @mr_miyagi thanks for this.

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