Some Healing Things to Do for K-State Sod Busters After the Beat Down in Lawrence

  • ~Sod busters like sod, so show them some of the better kept yards around town, then tell them they are much greener in the spring.

    ~Sod busters are fascinated by new technology, so show them some a ZTR lawn mower.

    ~Sod busters tend to be grub worm afficianados, so offer to play Grub Worm Trivial Pursuit with them and then pose the first question: how many different species of grub worms are there? knowing that there are over 100 types.

    ~Sod busters endlessly like to discuss composting, so strike up a conversation by asking, “Say, did you know that the Red Wiggler eats the most of any worm used for composting?” knowing that it does.

    ~Sod busters really like sod houses, so tell them that your great grand father built sod house out of buffalo chips and then graciously let them correct you that buffalo chips are not sod, by saying, “Well, silly me, of course you WOULD know that.”

    ~Sod busters do not find puns playing off of sodomy funny, so no jokes about Bonobo monkeys.

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

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