Ok guys probably wrong but let me hear ya

  • hey guys got a question? been thinking like title say probably wrong BUT? I have read some/ heard some other posters on transfers and how many scholarships we are going to have next yr. have heard talk about Brennan transferring, Lucas, Hunter an such which i don’t see Brennan transferring out or any of the other fore mentioned maybe, maybe Lucas but- - - - - . but just a random thought and reason behind the thought. I was thinking possibly if there is a transfer it could easily be Svi Mykhailuk as well as anyone else. now for my reasoning behind for what its worth. possibly not at KU next yr probably not transfer BUT returning home. so the pts are: 1 getting less and less playing time, 2nd possibly homesick , 3rd returning back home and playing next yr in their pro league and then entering the NBA draft. don’t see any ransfer to another school because he would have to sit out a yr . But if he returned back home and played a yr in their league then enter the NBA draft those are my thoughts, like i said probably wrong but that would be the one i would think. ;let me know

  • @jayballer54 If anyone leaves via transfer I would think it’s Hunter. He is due to graduate in May and could therefore transfer without sitting a year. It wouldn’t make much sense for Landen to transfer unless it’s to a D-2 school because he’s already sued his redshirt year. assuming Brannen stays on his recent track there is no way he transfers, he is finally getting PT because he has bought in on the defensive end.

  • @jayballer54 Thanks for inviting us to think outside of the USA basketball box. I think it is likely that European kids see the world differently than US kids so you raise an interesting issue. My guess is that he stays but I’m just shooting in the dark.

  • @Careful-you

    Svi’s parent are very academically oriented and I will guess they would prefer that Svi stays in school one additional year while playing basketball rather than play pro euro ball which might not allow him to attend school and play. In any case, he will get considerably more playing time next year at KU which might prepare him better for the NBA than Ukrainian pro-ball would.

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