The Three is Free! But may not be for long

  • What impressed me the most about this Texas win was our threes. Not that we shot them well, we didn’t (33%). Not even that we made that many (6). What was great is that we shot 18 even though they weren’t really falling for anyone outside of BG. Everyone got multiple looks but no one, outside of Greene, went crazy hunting threes. This seems to me to signal the final change in the offensive strategy. Each player had 2 or more opportunities within the flow of the offense. Once it was clear BG was hot (isn’t he always?!) we made a few extra looks for him. But overall, Frank missed all of his 3s, Devonte was 0-2, Kelly missed all his attempts, and so did Perry. But Self never had a moment where he said, “forget this, lets throw it inside and let Perry and Cliff go to work.”

    This team is reminding me more and more of 2008. The tough D from the guards, no true center, and most importantly, the open man takes the shot. We weren’t working to get the ball to Perry, he just got it. We ran a few plays to get Greene some looks but mostly he just shot it when he was open.

    The only thing that would make me a little more comfortable is if Jamari could hit a 15-18 footer consistently. He has tried the last several games to develop that, and you know he is working on it. But other than that I have no fear when any player takes an open shot, especially from 3!

    Saying all that, it wouldn’t surprise me to see diminished 3pt attempts at TCU. Especially if guys are hitting them. I think Self will do everything he can to keep from having a hot shooting night with the games he has coming up. Expect to see players make one, and not take another unless it is Frank racing the shot clock. Self was hoping to be hot against Texas, and really got a break in that only Greene and Selden shot it well and we won. Selden didn’t take enough shots to it really be seen as a hot shooting night. That leaves everyone but Greene due for at least a decent shooting performance in the next 3 games. And Greene may be “law of average” proof. His stroke is so pure I don’t know how he ever misses. The boy never even hits the rim! If he misses his first 1 or 2 expect Self to let him shoot till he makes one. Get all the misses out now boys.

    The worst result for Wednesday would be a loss, obviously. But I think a blow out where we hit 11-15 threes might be almost as bad. It is so tough to shoot well for multiple games in a row, and we are going to need them vs. KSU and ISU next week.

  • @benshawks08 I believe BS is taking a page from his boot camp DI’s. He’s adapting to the situation & circumstances more freely than he has in the past few years since 08, plus he has multiple better ball handlers since then. At least let’s hope so cause we don’t match up well with height as when we had a Whithey or Joel or the twins. However when a team runs or presses that’s throwing it right in the wheelhouse IMO & also the zones of trees, so far, has not been able to contain our offense. But I will add, we were darn fortunate to slip out of Wacko with a W & only 56 or so points. Running your offense for the guy with the blistering shot is what we need to be, & not a back to the basket team as in the hi lo’s of the past… That said, I still think a one dimensional offense is just too simple to prepare for. With 6’ 7" - 6’ 8" wings we can take it to a defense with much success but regardless, & quite frankly, our PG play has been the key to that success. There may be specific matchups for Perry when he’s not doubled that he can flourish, but our hot trifecta shooting has won us many games so far. The 4 out 1 in vs OU seemed clear to some of us that Bill 's light bulb is on & he’s adapting the attack to the situation-something that many of us have complained about the absence of, in particular, the Stanford game last March. These guys are just buying in more & have far better chemistry than last year’s team IMO & confident 3 ballers is what we are becoming, with an eye to the defense & attack strategies strengthening. & changing. Now, I want to see us deal with the zones better than at Wacko as I’m not sure UT’s zone was good enough to say we are really ready to pass the litmus. But I do think HCBS has this team moving in the right direction, at least for the time being.

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