so guys what you REALLY think?

  • well guys another big stretch coming up. what you think out of the next 4 how you feel we will stack up? this is mine maybe off but I think good chance at 4-0 ya we have Texas tomorrow but just kinda have a feel we going to play well I think biggest game will be Iowa State again if we go 3-1 then we are in pretty good shape but 4-0 is better, looking to see how Perry plays tomorrow another big and long team Perry has had 2 good games but now lets see how he does previous bigs he hasn’t done well, what ya think

  • @jayballer54 I think Perry needs to take Ridley outside he’s not aggressive enough to bang down low with him. KO needs to be his usual driving and slashing self and get tot he line and most importantly hit those shots. We have a solid chance of going 4-0. I don’t think there’s a snowballs chance in hell we let ISU beat us in the Fieldhouse, we will be too fired up for that game.

  • Banned

    In order for KU to win they need to play as a team. They need to have high energy, and passion. Most importantly they need somebody to step up when the ship starts rocking, and it will. There are a plethora of players that could make this stand or claim, but will they?

    By all rights this is a very young team. However the time for accuses are over. It’s time to man up. Playing the Longhorns is like KU facing it’s greatest fear. (Size in the paint) This will be a gut check game for KU. It’s now or never. If this team wants to write it’s name in the history books, then they need to lay all out on the line. They need to show the world when you play the Jayhawks size doesn’t matter.

    Ok, Just my two cent. 😉

  • KU needs to play every damn minute of the game with intensity. I’d say they need to play all 40 minutes but that may confuse them again and lead to what they did against OU which was played great for 40 minutes (about 8:40pm CST) and then they figured the game was over!?!?!?

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