In the short B12, 17-1 or 16-2 is feasible

  • KU’s Achilles heel is low standing height. Fortunately, the B12 is short. Outside Texas, and maybe WVU, KU is plenty big to hold rebounding edge or be even every game with Cliff coming around.

    KU should win out in the short B12 based on the following: three OAD/TADs, plus an all league point guard, plus a swing 1/2 good enough to start, plus a stretch four, plus all this shooting, plus solid rebounding, plus the new found ability to build a lead outside in and defend it inside out.

    No one else has three OAD/TADs. As the the season wears on, they become bigger and bigger advantages. They start weak, but improve MORE than other players. On the back 9 they should be an insurmountable edge. Fred was right to short six us in Ames, because our OAD/TADs will be too good by the back 9. Selden is in a Brady Morningstar sized slump, but with an NBA body defending top dog on each opponent. He will be post slump on the back 9 and an every game MUA.

    No one now in the B12 has a better PG than Frank. It’s not that Frank is head andshoulders better. It’s that he is the equal of the others and getting better. By the back 9, barring further injury, fuggeddaboutit.

    No one now in the 12 has a better 3rd combo than Graham. Greene by the back 9 will be the best 4th combo. He may already be the best trey specialist. Svi looks lost now but could become the best 5th combo on the back 9.

    Few teams in the B12 have stretch 4s, much less ones as experienced as Perry. The guy can trey ding! Put it on the deck. Spin on the low block. And grab his share of boards. What he can’t do is be a beast, or handle double downs. But with Cliff now playing properly motored, the burden to beast is lifted and the doubles will lessen. Traylor is also slumped and will bounce shortly. Opposing coaches stopped his new drive game and his dobber is down. He will be given a new move and cheer up soon. Traylor is limited, but is big enough for the B12.

    KU really does have more Trey balling firepower than most in the B12 and Trey balling is the key to building leads. Self can now put 4 credible trifectates on the floor at a moments notice. Infantry in trench warfare inside defends leads. Aerial acrobatics on the Y axis are necessary to deny air superiority to opponents but are not finally how leads are built and games and campaigns are won. Three point artillery and some transition create the leads against all sizes of opponents that can then be defended in the trenches.

    KU out rebounds most in the B12. A solid defensive team with good artillery and +5 on the glass should win most games.

    Finally we shoot FTs well.

    We have looked bad because Kelly and Cliff were completely unprepared to play well and take pressure off Perry, and Wayne lost his pop and slumped. Perry is a good player, but not good enough to excell without help. He has some now and should get steadily more. He has also learned to keep scratching, when he can’t score.

    No one else in the B12 has this many pieces. No one else has played as tough a schedule. The Big 12 is like swinging one bat after swinging two in nonconference.

    TEXAS may clip us once with height, if we don’t shoot well; that would be 16-2.

    But I think we sneak by them on a big effort from Cliff; that’s 17-1.

    Remember: this is a team that has had sand kicked in it face several times. It hurt them bad. They are going to love dishing it out. They won’t get overconfident for quite awhile.

  • @jaybate-1 I’m sorry you were sick after ISU, a post like this would have dampened the anger which was greater than any broken LCD advertising screen. Now create a Back Nine Scenario that includes Motors.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Nobody can sling it like you can! This is such an uplifting post going into a tough Texas game.

  • @Careful-you

    I admire your paradoxing technique of juxtaposing “sling it” with “uplifting.”

    Well done!!! 🙂

  • @wrwlumpy

    I admire your linking of my sickness, with anger and broken LCD advertising screens.

    Well done!!! 🙂

  • @jaybate-1.0 Awesome post as usual dude. “Self can now put 4 credible trifectates on the floor at a moments notice.” Since when have we had that many? And, one can argue that Self can put 5 down, no sweat.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Selden has plenty of pop but his timing is off. Did you see the block from behind he had against OSU? He had some serious elevation…

    Here is a couple of others…

    Selden Jumping.JPG

    Selden Jumping 2.JPG

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    So hope you are right!!!

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