Here is the latest on our beloved basketball boys, from the eyes of an NBA coach.

  • Here’s the KUSports link

  • is there a way to make the link clickable instead of copy paste?
    Im seriously torn here people. Gary and the other guys do put down some good stuff but I refuse to post any sort of opinion on the site.

  • On the other hand TK just wrote something about the 8-9 man rotation that most everyone has already spoken about.

  • Lulu, the easiest way to make the link clickable in the body of the post is type your words out like “here’s the link”, then highlight the words you want hyperlinked in the editor, and then click the link icon (the last one up top). This will then create the syntax to make it a hyperlink, and all you then have to do is Ctrl-V the url where the cursor is at that point (the part that says link url). I haven’t tried it in the title like you’ve got here, I’ll try to edit it and see if it works.

    EDIT: Lulu, it looks like that [link text](link url) syntax doesnt work in the title of the article, so I moved the link to the body and the description to the title. I know this violates some sort of Prime Directive (for you Star Trek nerds out there) but people have struggled a little with the linmks, and I want to help keep the news part of the forums nice and consistent so its easy for people to get to their stories. So, I apologize for modding your post!

  • It’s great to see egos “checked at the door” mentality. I believe Wiggins is as advertised and that to me means he is a humbled young man which means he is teachable. I think the kids coach recruits are that personality they want to learn and coach doesn’t pull strings and sacrifices his coaching ways for these primadonna’s and Wiggins is not like the rest. (make sense).

    I think we will make young mistakes but those will be corrected and the ball will be rolling by mid January.

    Gundy says what’s on his mind so I think he is spot on. That crap about coaching in the NBA is another way for KuSports to create drama that isn’t there.


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