tuff loss BUT

  • tuff loss guys yesterday but it was only 1 game in a grueling 18 game conf schedule, I think we are going to be alright, is anyone really concerned K-State is leading the conference right now? I’m not. ISU plays KSU Tuesday so one of the other two that’s right there with us is going to take an L. one thing that is different this year from years past more scoring from the outside for us less interior true we may play ugly at times, sometimes a lot of the time but the one thing I do like is the toughness the way THIS team never seems to give up. could of been easy when we got down 14 but they hang in there actually all these close games could help latter down the line this year we have been in plenty of close games this year. I think in reality I’d rathe have it this way then just steam roll through until the NCAA’S Perry broke out in the game but not going to get to hyped about that yet as it was ISU and they lack on the defensive end looking for some consistency from him. but I think we will be in the thick of things for the title until the end GO HAWKS

  • @jayballer54 It’s funny when I watch K State. I find I really like the character of the kids that Weber recruits. I just can’t stand him. So I kind of root for them to play well, just lose specific games. If they can help us win the conference by playing well that would be ideal.

  • @jayballer54

    Agreed-KSU isn’t going to stay on top for long.

    Also, like that KU fought back to have a chance-just hate stupid mistakes.

    How tough is it to run back on D and stop layups? Even AFTER a made basket. (Yes- I know I shouted AFTER with all caps.)

    Fun for all here tonight. RCJH

  • @JayhawkRock78 Yeah the run-outs were mind-blowing.

    One thing I don’t know if anyone discussed, is Texas dismantling WV. I didn’t see that coming, and makes me wonder if maybe I’m underestimating Texas and overestimating WV. I missed the game (anyone catch it?) but I did noticed that WV’s bench shot 4-26. Ouch.

  • @approxinfinity Texas totally dominated, w/their size.

  • I was thinking losses at ISU, WVU, and UT (I will be there again). Still hate to see it happen when it goes down to the line.

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