HEY well feeling better on chances

  • just got through reading article on Malik Newman, Coach Self and Asst watched him play yesterday. Malik dropped 34 and was named MVP. just a couple of things Malik mentioned made me feel a little better about our chances, he said y Kentucky is in the mix but when asked if it concerned him about how loaded they were at his position he came out and said ya its would be something he would have to consider stating that who they have is just as good as him and not likely to get the playing time he was seeking maybe, plus said he liked Kansas and likes the way Coach has helped or having Andrew there and now Kelly, and then finally when asked if ol miss, and Mississippi state was still in the mix he pretty much without sayin out right kinda insinuated no said not sure and or if he would make a visit there to them but is working on a visit to KU

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