Joe Dooley vs. other assistants

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    My understanding is Coach Dooley was an east coast guy, and Coach Townsend is a west coast guy. And now Coach Howard is midwest. Who did Coach Roberts bring or is there any noise made by Coach Roberts from the east?

    Does anyone know who were the primary recruiters of the current crop at KU? It’s kind of interesting that Wiggins, Selden, Greene, Embiid, Tharpe, White, Mason are all from the east and Oubre is from the west.

  • If memory serves, his first term at KU Norm Roberts was known as an East Coast recruiter, especially New York. He brought Russell Robinson.

  • Coach Dooley was an east coast guy

    He grew up in NJ, went to play ball at George Wash. and was a head coach at East Carolina.

    So your definition of East coast guy is correct.

  • We will see Joe in the NCAA Tourney and Dunk City will be on national TV several times this year.

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