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  • ok guys, let me say this is gonna sound really crazy, really bizarre and will probably get laughed right out of Kansas and let me answer before you say no I’m not on drugs lol. but anyways wondering why we just got the next Roy Williams for our new football coach? I know told you crazy right/ I dunno just my gut feeling that maybe this is the one that can get us started back on track. its just me guys but who am I? I’m just an old wrinkly 60 yr old life long Jayhawk fan. I remember some of the decent days, EMMIT EDWARDS, BRUCE ADAMS, THE RIGGINS BROTHERS, JOHN AND JR GIBERT AND DANA TUXEDO TONY some of pretty good times for KU football anyways probably optimistic thinking colored blinders we shall see there is just this feeling. what ya think go ahead I can take it GO HAWKS

  • @jayballer54 we are ready, that’s for sure!!! Hope you are right!!!

  • @jayballer54

    I sincerely hope you are right. KU had some really good days as recently as 2008 when it went to the Orange Bowl and finished 7th in the final poll. Todd and Kerry were an awesome combination and the defense was awesome as well.

    Beaty is supposed to be a super recruiter and good recruits can turn a program around in a hurry.

  • I hope your “gut feeling” is right.

    But it could just be spicy Mexican food…

  • Good timing for the thread. Don’t know if anyone saw that QB Kenny Hill is transferring from Texas A&M. And if you guessed that David Beaty was his lead recruiter, you guessed right. We’ll see. Kenny Hill - Rivals

  • The radio here in Houston says Kenny is heading to TCU which isn’t far from where he played in High School. But we can hope.

  • It’s hard to get too excited about a potential QB transfer considering how the last couple of big timers turned out. (Christ and Heaps). As George W. so eloquently stated, “Fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice… don’t fool me again!”

  • I posted something about recruiting services and their ranking of players the other day that I caught while listening to Chris Childers and Greg McElroy. Here’s my post for those that missed it:

    This has nothing to do with KU recruiting but about a week or so ago I was listening to XM College Sports Nation and I want to say it was the Chris Childers show w/ Greg McElroy. Anyways they were talking about how bad the ranking system are. They said what the ranking system in football really breaks down to is this: 5star guys are NFL locks, guys that scouting services are pretty certain will be playing on Sundays. 4star guys are those that scouts think are All-Conference players. And the 3star guys are starters on the their team. 2star guys are 2deep, for depth. McElroy also said that just because a guy is a 3 star doesn’t mean they aren’t or can’t be great. He, Sam Bradford, Christian Ponder, Colin Kaepernick and Andy Dalton were all 3 star guys in '06.

    What I got from their statements is this. It’s not about getting every 5star guy or even just focusing on 4stars, it’s about developing those 3stars guys that we do get. There are only 18 5star guy this year so to think we can start pulling any of those is crazy thinking and we shouldn’t determine recruiting Ws and Ls by stars alone. What we as fans can hope for is to pick up some 4star guys in those places that we need as well as 3star guys that fit our style and needs. We don’t need seven 4star RBs that make our class appear better than it is. What we need is quality coaching of the players that we do get and have so we can develop them into better football players that contend with the rest of the BCS schools. And hopefully Beaty and Co. can do just that.

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