Bragg-ing Rights, Etc.

  • KU now has Bragg-ing rights it seems.

    Carlton Bragg = MBMAP


    ~Carlton seems an Important mobile big man attack platform for next season’s team.

    ~Important ice breaker for recruiting come spring. Guys then will feel secure with an anchor player.

    ~JNew has an interesting pre-signing story saying KU might get some good news about Bragg today. The story was posted 2:47AM middle of last night. Sounds like JNew got some scoop. It includes a lengthy Q&A analysis of Bragg by Eric Bossi. Bossi notes Bragg has face up game, but that it gets in the way of his aggressiveness if he goes to it before he establishes and inside presence in a game. Boss says this is an issue with lots of young bigs that can play FU and B2B. What I like about Bragg is that, though only 6-8 (already shrunken from his earlier 6-9) and very skinny (pre-Hudy), he could plug and play as an MBMAP playing a lot of FU attack his OAD season and Hudyize and play both FU and B2B his TAD season.

    ~slayr’s feed of Bragg plays shows fluidity for a big, some decent passes, and some touch, but the usual weak defensive footwork. But at least someone has him working on steering guys to center lane for help, which is Self Defense, rather than channelling them baseline. That will help for next season.

    ~So, all Bragg really needs is some serious weight work on those sticks for legs with Hudy to be a able to mix it up, as an MBMAP and signing early might allow him to get started on that work early and so be street legal when he hits Lawrence. Maybe?

    ~I would really like to see The Big Red Dog and Fort Bragg play some together. We could call it the pipe cleaner leg hi-low on the steep learning curve= nights, but I suspect Bragg will get beyond those by end of next season, as is usual for high ranking big man recruits.

    ~When I first heard of Bragg, I sort of recall him being called 6-9. JNew and Bossi called him 6-8. I wonder if he will grow back to 6-9 next summer? 🙂

    ~All in all a huge get.

    ~Another thought about slayr’s keen eyed ID of UA soles on Bragg in the feed at the 3 minute mark. Liked how that was inserted at the three minute mark by video maker to make it easy to refer to in blogging! 🙂 Also, those shoes and the shot of them might be interpreted hypothetically several different ways:

    a.) PetroShoeCo brands mean nothing and Rick Pitino suffers from PetroShoeCo brand recruiting asymmetry delusions; or

    b.) PetroShoeCo brands are cannabalizing player supply on each other’s conveyor belts; or

    c.) Certain PetroShoeCos may be deciding to ally and possibly merge downstream to become more viable; or

    d.) Certain schools may be preparing to change brands, or

    e.) certain schools may be preparing to add brands to their endorsement contract relationships and so become teams that can attract players from more than one brand.

    There really is no law that says a university can only sign with one PetroShoeCo brand, is there? Or maybe there is but maybe there won’t be such a clause in a renegotiated contract. I can see where it might create some critical mass for lesser brands in an oligopoly to cooperate in marketing.

    Dang, regimes may be shifting…again?

  • its funny, but I was listening to the live stream on the announcement today and the coach there was saying legit 6ft 10 so who knows how tall Carlton really is depends on who your talking to just glad he is a JAYHAWK GO HAWKS

  • @jayballer54


    He could easily be 7-0 in KU inches. 🙂

  • One pic i saw the guy(Bragg) looks extremely long. Nice wingspan. Im excited

  • @jaybate-1.0 Oh yeah, He’s a true footer the minute he steps into AFH.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Earlier today, slayr posted a video of Bragg playing against Trey Lyles last year and they appeared to be the same height. Lyles is listed as 6-10, so I think Bragg is probably a legit 6-9 or 6-10.

  • Love this quote from Bragg on ESPN - “I don’t really care for minutes, I just want to be part of the team,” Bragg told after his Kansas visit. “Freshmen aren’t supposed to be playing all the time. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll be a hustler, rebounder, shooter, passer. I can fit in real good.”

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