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    I’m going to suggest something that may rock your world, maybe not? As I’ve watched this KU team progress this year, I’ve had a change of heart.

    On the front page I was like start the Thunder Cliff over Traylor everyday and any day. However after watching this game something jumped off the TV screen at me. Perry Ellis. Now don’t get me wrong I love Ellis as much as the next guy or girl. However When Ellis is good he is good but when he is bad he’s really bad.

    I understand there will be those nights were a player can’t fill up the bucket, but it seems to me that Ellis is becoming not only a liability on offense when the shots aren’t falling but he can’t guard anybody.

    I’m not trying to down on the young man but I’m tired of living and dying with Ellis. KU’s two losses Ellis did nothing and KU got blown out. I think Ellis should see plenty of playing time as he is dangerous on the offense end of the game, but I think he should be the sixth man.

    Sorry if I stepped on any toes as I’ve been throwing down a few. 🙂

  • Might as well just start pulling your hair out, DD. All night I was thinking our two-thirds Selden was a liability on the court and then he came through when it really counted. It’s frustrating, but the guys are trying.

  • @DoubleDD really dd, these guys r going to drive us nuts!

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    @DanR I don’t have much hair left. LOL


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    @Crimsonorblue22 You are the voice of reason. 🙂

  • @DoubleDD

    I KNOW some posters will not agree with me but KU’s front line (including Ellis) played good defense, and if not for Chery, this could have been quite a different game.

    Baylor starting bigs:

    • O’Neale 1-7, 27 minutes , 3 points (Season Avg. 29.0, 9.8 )
    • Gathers 3-10, 29 minutes, 9 points (Season Avg. .27.6, 9.6)
    • Motley 1-5, 31 minutes, 2 points (Season Avg. 23.9, 10.2)
    • Total minutes: 87 (44%) (Season Avg. 81.4, 41% )
    • Total points: 14 (25%) (Season Avg. 29.6)

    Ellis had 3 blocks and helped keep Baylor bigs well below their averages; they played more minutes than their season average and scored less than half of their season average. Not bad.

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    Numbers never lie, but after watching the game and several others. Reality says to me Ellis gets pushed around like a kid brother. 🙂

    All I’m saying is he shouldn’t be the go to guy. Let him do his thing but in spurts.

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