• With Baylor & the BG12 conference on the near horizon it’s time to post up a new thread for the many of us who’ve without question given that extra mile, the quantitative totals of endless effort sacrificed with blood & limbs, or possibly life, even risking far more than many will ever get the opportunity to expose in peril for the good of the team, platoon, group, or family. OK stop…way too dramatic guys. So how about just some damn good hustle floor burn awards for the 2014-2015 Kansas Jayhawks?

    Yesterday they impressed the snot outta me with their tenacity at AFH on the CBS big stage. and I’m curious who you might think we should give the award week one for the (IMO) major whoopa$$ accomplishments of our undersized squad fearlessly commanded by Mr Bullbaiter (Bulldog) Frank Mason!? Big Cliff, Jamari, WAYNE (all caps for this weeks play), & yes, even The Finnese King Perry swabbed the deck with sweat, Addidas, tenacity, & burns time after time in triumph over a very capable & potent, L&A, UNLV team that had at least 6 blocked shots in the first half alone. That level of play reminded me of the UConn team that nailed UK for the NC last year and yes, it can be done! If we can sustain this intensity going forward, I think conference could very well end up being a race for second place. For the last 10 years that title has traveled straight through Lawrence & until those roads get closed, it’s K10, US 59, or the Kansas Turnpike, take your pick. My choice for the first one is the one with all caps-WAYNE. Could just as easily be Jam Tray though. I guess I have to lay off of him until (if) inconsistencies recur. Hopefully they don’t from the effort standpoint. What are your thoughts?

  • @globaljaybird OK, OK, I forgot about old K32, but that’s more like the backdoor route.

  • @globaljaybird said:

    Absolutely great game for Jamari in Wacko. I gotta give it up for the one guy that took it straight to the middle of the match up zone. with authority. Any win on the road is monumental. RCJH !!

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