Corporate Sponsors in College Venues.

  • While I am a big business fan and think Big Govt is really bad and strangles economic growth with too many regulations I have a gripe against corporate sponsorship of athletic arenas. Case in point-since I moved to Houston in 2007 the new Football Stadium has it’s THIRD name- Enron (a disgrace), Reliant, and now NRG. This same thing is happening to bowl game names-I can’t keep up!

    My biggest complaint-ads on a court (pioneer corn on the floor at the Hilton-ISU.). I am okay with the Wards Suites up above Memorial Stadium but it irked me to see Russell Stover candy on the backboard last year. I didn’t see it today -maybe the new owner- a European outfit doesn’t see the value. I just don’t like seeing corporate names anywhere on the court or backboard in bBall. I am really not a fan of Phillips 66 on the scoreboard-but that is less of an intrusion in my mind.

    I’m interested to hear what ya’ll think?

    BTW. Enjoyed the game today-loved the transition play today. RCJH.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    Unfortunately, it is the nature of the beast. Sponsorship and advertisement provide large revenues to athletic departments in a time that it is needed badly. As long as it is not obtrusive and in poor taste, I have no problem with it. I do not want to see ads on the court and I do not want to see ads on uniforms, like the Euro pro teams and like the NBA apparently is considering. I am not worried about AFH ever being renamed; I pity the fool that tries (Thanks Mr. T).

  • @JayHawkFanToo Thanks JF2. AFH is special and I don’t see anything changing there.

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