UNLV is NOT a trap game.

  • “They are a good team. They beat Arizona,” Ellis stated, as taken from KU Sports. That team just lost to Wyoming in their first conference game. They have a starting 5 that will give us match up problems on the perimeter and inside. Personally, I am not envisioning a KU win here. Especially if KU comes out expecting to do that. UNLV will hit first and how our boys respond after the first 5-10 minutes will dictate the outcome of the game.
    Coach Self on our trap game last year, “Last year maybe I didn’t handle it very well. The results weren’t very good (against S.D. State). We’re going to approach this as a game we’re going to hopefully have the same energy as what we’ve had going in conference play,” Self added.
    Will Coach Self introduce some new things into his offense that he has kept under wraps so far? It seems to me that I have heard people speak of this on here or there at some point in time. Specifically about how Coach will keep certain things covered until the conference season so our enemys cant prepare for our full board of offensive schemes. His talk about needing to amp up the energy level in this game is a tell, for me. Does he give our guys a pre game amp up speech? I hope so. Does he release some new plays for this game to give us the best chance at winning? I freeking really hope so!! Case and point, KU is shooting a Conference High 39% from trey. Since when has that happened? Granted they are only taking about 15 attempts per game but they NEED to make that number 20-25 if they are going to win today.

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

  • @Lulufulu Alright, call me negative, a pessimist, whatever. I was wrong. Way to go KU. Lets hope they can keep this up thru march.

  • Ha ha! Don’t think you were all that wrong. Who would have guessed four of the guys decided to show up. I can only expect Mason shows up every game. Wayne showed up early was good. If CA were to make those misses, it would have been a rout.

  • @Lulufulu ok Ned!

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