adidas-UL De-Com Blakeney signs with Nike-LSU, Joins Overall No.1 Simmons

  • Dale Brown disciple Johnny Jones just got Nike-LSU off the steady build to a screaming jump start.

    After signing 6-9 225 Aussie Ben Simmons out from under adidas Bill Self and adidas-KU, Nike-Johnny Jones of Nike-LSU just picked up adidas-UL decommit 6-4 shooting guard Antonio Blakeney.

    Nike-LSU is turning into an wrecking crew of adidas programs.

    Keep an eye on Nike-Johnny and Nike LSU.

    They are on the rise.

    For a year, at least.

  • I attend a few LSU games each year, heck 3 or 4 bucks a ticket, move down to the empty expensive seats, why not?

    Well next year if their two power forwards Jordan Mickey and Jerrell Martin stay instead of going pro, wow, that’s going to drive up the price of tickets for one, and two, they’ll be fun to watch. Both of these guys are averaging nearly 10 RBs and about 18 points a game. I watched Mickey block three shots in the span of 15 seconds in a game there a few weeks ago. The Deaf Dome, as they like to call the PMac Center will be full of life, as LSU fans will come out in droves when they’ve got something to cheer about.

  • @wissoxfan83

    Deaf Dome = classic!

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