• Would I ever root for OSU…unless they were beatin’ misery. At the end of OT Forte get’s the steal & virtually seals the deal. Always remember KSU sucks,but misery swallows. MISERY MUST GO DOWN !! I hate to see the ex-misery midget Ford succeed, but the chips must fall as destiny calls !! Muck Fizzou !!

  • @globaljaybird poorly coached game by ford! I just started watching at the end of regulation. What did forte have?

  • Sorry. Mizzou—not.

    I had buddies that went to Mizzou and didn’t have the have the hate for them until the Antlers and a few things the past 10 years including their attempt to leave the big 12 for the big 10. And then they bolt for the SEC and want the benefit of playing us to make some money on the side.
    This is exactly what Texas A&M wants from Texas. Sorry-you divorced us for greener pastures and want the best of both worlds after the fact. Go pound sand.

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