Texas loss/UNLV beats Arizona/KU Represents the USA as our best bet.

  • %#$@ happens. Teenagers and college kids have off nights, sometimes all at the same time. Very soon we can right the ship with a win vs UNLV at home. Texas can have an off night. Will our recruiting be affected more by our losses this year or offering a chance for National Exposure representing the United States of America in the World Games playing for the most storied program in College basketball IT IS TIME TO REMEMBER WHO WE ARE, AS A TEAM AND AS FANS. BLOW OUTS ARE FUN, LOSSES HURT. I REMEMBER EVERY ONE GOING BACK TO THE TRIPLE OVERTIME AGAINST NORTH CAROLINA. It is not the falling down, it is the ability to get back up. Christmas Eve is a time to count our blessings. KU Basketball is a way of life for most of us on this site. It doesn’t bother the students that much on the other side of state line. How many final fours have they been to. Giving so much to this team as a fan makes it hurt all the more. We don’t have to be Red Sox fans that still want to kill Buckner. Merry Christmas to all.

  • @wrwlumpy

    I don’t know if it’s more than usual, but there have been some stunners this year, especially if you’re in Michigan. NJIT and 0ne of the directional Michigan schools beat U of M in consecutive games. Then MSU went out and lost a home game to a SWAC school Texas Southern.

    I like your perspective. Losses hurt, but it’s only a stupid game where the 1%ers of height run around in shorts and try to get a ball through a hole. And sometimes they can jump and throw the ball through the hole with two hands. Then they run by the guy they dunked on and scowl at him. What a great game!!

    My all time best sports memory was being a senior at KU in 1988. Every year after that as KU bowed out of the tourney I comforted myself with the memory of '88 and said only to myself, as no one else would listen, “you can’t take '88 out of my mind”.


  • I remember being at a bar in Columbia where people had on Bucknell and Bradley shirts. None of them knew the score of the MU game played that night.

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