Shots At the Rim

  • Last years Kansas squad had 11 players who shot above 60% at the rim. This years team has two players shooting 60% or more on shots at the rim: Cliff is shooting 60% and Mickelson is at 75%.

    This speaks to the fact this team is going to depend on the long ball to win games. If they are not shooting above average % on mid range and long ball shots, the odds of them winning decreases substantially. I just cannot see that much improvement transpiring in the low post scoring options this season, so I am ready to embrace the wild ride of a jump shooting team.

  • @Blown Even though Cliff is one that is shooting above 60%, he should get better, play more minutes and take more shots. Will Oubre improve in that area when he drives? Maybe Perry takes better shots. I would hope that we do improve over the course of the year. However…as many have pointed out, we do have good shooters and will probably take more 3 pt shots than most years…

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