BIA: Mickelson inserted into Allen Field House by classified Star Trek Transporter


    FROM: jaybate 1.0, director/janitor, Basketball Intelligence Agency, Langley, KS 007007-007

    TO: Most Board Rats

    RE: Mickelson psy-ops coming out party

    Dirty informants brain washed in a hog wallow outside Desoto, KS, have fed BIA information once believed to have been stove piped, but now confirmed: Hunter Mickelson was thawed today from cryogenic coaching suspension in time for the Lafayette game and went basketball quantum. Mickelson played pretty much the way he was expected to play when he transferred to KU from UArk back in the mid 1990s. True, the decloaking device used to materialize him after thawing was not applied against a major, or a super major, or a hyper major, or a petaflop major, or a endorsement holding tank major, but it was still a very encouraging performance nonetheless. Some BIA staff genetic engineers and CBW specialists speculate that Mickelson may have had his DNA altered for the game, or alternatively that he may have finally recovered from an unreported kind of single nucleated, kissing-contracted disease that makes young men grow pale and fatigued for periods of time in college. These are only wild, ridiculously absurd speculations, of course, but bottom line, the kid balled today.

  • Yeah, Hunter played his best game of the season. Of course, knowing Self, he will only have him play sparingly the rest of the year then complain about how short the team is.

  • @DinarHawk – you said, “Yeah, Hunter played his best game of the season.”

    I will correct you … Hunter played his only game of the season!

    I had forgotten what he looked like.

    @jaybate-1.0 So what’s the theory here? I’m a bit baffled. Self said just before the start of the season that Ellis/Mickelson would not work on the court at the same time. Now they played significant time together. Mickelson a “face up four”, Self said. Is this “outside of the box”?

    Me thinks this signals a change for the better. Or, at least, me hopes.

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  • Was pleased that Self was loose enough to try different lineups tonight. No doubt he’ll tighten it way up for tougher games. Were so deep at the wing, was fun seeing svi, oubre and Selden all out there together. That’s some length!

  • In other news, UK beats UCLA worse than they beat KU. Michigan State loses to Texas Southern. image.jpg

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    Giant Opie!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Indeed he did and I hope it continues. Especially if what you said proves true that KU got X’ed off one of our 5 star big targets

  • @BucknellJayhawk3 how 'bout Evan manning? Looked steady!! To bad Greene missed weights, how can he mess up such a great thing he could have??? Lucky he played at all ! Just read he was late, still!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yes. I obviously did not watch the game but I listened to the radio broadcast and sounded like Manning will be able to spell Mason and provided needed rest when the game is not too close that KU needs Mason in.

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