Some Early Christmas Wishes (Not for the Politics/Economics/Lust Free Backfill Crowd) :-)

  • (Note: The Surgeon General indicates that this post has allusions to politics, economics, and lust that could cause certain board rats to backfill with faux righteous posts. The Surgeon General warns such faux righteous posters to stop reading immediately and click back to posts by others solely concerned with basketball. Scientific research also indicates that this post may cause cancer in certain strains of lab rats. Reader beware. )

    I wish for a 15 point victory over Florida tonight. (There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?) 🙂

    I wish for there to be a sale on 40% 3pt shots and that I can buy Wayne Selden a full season’s supply that he will start unwrapping tonight against the Gators—kind of a 3pt advent calendar kind of thing.

    I wish everyone at AFH would buy lots of t-shirts, jerseys and hats now that Ed O’Bannon et al have hopefully encouraged the NCAA and member institutions to distribute more fitting shares of the proceeds to the players, whose likeness and performances are reputedly being exploited for big bones.

    I wish the Petro Shoecos would come out and jointly announce that they support a 3 OAD limit through out Division I. 🙂

    I wish for a hand held foul counter and atomic game clock accurate to milliseconds tracking Cliff Alexander that Bill Self watches so closely that he can squeeze in a few more minutes of PT for The Big Red Dog.

    I wish for no false flags. As the economy worsens globally, sputters domestically, and Putin drops the South Stream Pipeline in favor of a straight out joint venture overland with Turkey, that parallels the western oilcos pipelines, and which simultaneously strengthens Putin’s hand with perhaps our most pivotal geostrategic ally inside the realm of the old Ottoman Empire, and vaporizes our rationale for saber rattling about the South Stream Pipeline, well, the temptation increases to do false flags and blame stuff on others, so war can be made to liquidate a lot of the hopeless-to-repay central bank notes. Put another way, a good old fashioned false flag can take Covert WWIII public to Overt WWIII, so that some really HUGE no bids can be let and debt can be swapped by force for natural resources, right of ways, and control of the Eurasian center point.

    I wish Frank Mason were to become the first PG to average 10 rebounds per game for a season.

    I wish they would change the name of Black Friday to Warm and Friendly Friday.

    I wish for Sviatslov to be voted first team All American and to lead KU to a national championship, in no small part because I want to see them try to fit his last name on a jersey hanging up on the wall in the field house.

    I wish four footers would commit very soon to adidas-KU, so board rats could begin credible strategizing about how to beat down Nike-UK next season.

    I really wish sexy, friendly women will be everywhere in the department stores when I tell them I am happily married and they begin to flirt with me precisely because they know I mean it. One is never too old for flirting, or for being happily married.

    I wish Angelina Jolie decided to make a basketball film set in Lawrence, KS in which she played a women’s basketball coach that lost her passion until she met a fanatically passionate KU basketball board rat that reignited her love of the game. And I wish she would let me be the stand in for the board rat in the love scenes.

    I wish that Christmas spirit and no bid contracts fill enough defense contractors with compassion and lucre that they count their bones for awhile and let the diplomats find some negotiated solutions to the really big problems that bang-bang has not.

    I hope I find a basketball coaching book for Bill Self that shows a way for 6-6 guys to guard 6-10 guys in the paint and hold them to 35-45% on 2 pt FGAs, plus grab 10 boards a piece.

    I wish for a Tesla S AWD that does zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds and is chopped into an El Camino-style electric with a righteous pickup bed. Further, I hope the custom body work is finished at the same time the Tesla giga battery factory spits out enough supply for Elon to start doing 3 minute battery swaps at his charging/service stations (as the Tesla has been designed for), so that once and for all the myth that electrics cannot compete goes onto the petro-ash heap of history. Go, Elon, go!!!

    (Note: All fiction or satire or spoof. No malice. Prepare to SHOP!!!)

  • @jaybate-1.0 HAHA! That was great! My favs are the two about Angelina and Tesla

  • @Lulufulu

    Thx. I used to love Elks and it just suddenly popped into my head: a Tesla S Elk. I hope Elon reads this. They guy can seemingly do anything.

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