KUBuckets Chatroom Open

  • Alright guys, I’ve set up a kiwi irc chatroom for our KU Buckets Chat for tomorrow’s game. We are still looking at doing our own thing, but for now, we’re rolling with Kiwi…

    So this is how it works:

    • If you don’t see the link on the menu bar, type Ctrl-F5 (or you can click this link). It should now show “KU Buckets Chat”
    • When you click on it, it will ask you if you have a password. You don’t – just modify the random name (ex. kubuckets|3947) to your chosen nickname and then click Start (leave the room as #kubuckets)
    • Alright, you’re in! Here’s a list of IRC commands. Note that this is a light version of IRC actually written in node, so all these commands may not work.
    • Two commands I did try that did work which are of interest are /nick (followed by a change of nick) and /query (someone elses name) – this starts a side conversation with them in a private tab.
    • Also, I checked it on mobile and it looked great.

    This solution is better than last week’s solution and has some nice features, but still has a couple loose ends that in the future we’ll try to tie up:

    • The text isn’t persistent if you leave the room and come back, so I’d recommend just leaving it open and opening another tab if you need to do something else.
    • It still doesn’t authenticate with your KuBuckets account. Honor system on who you are… Regular golden rule applies (don’t be a jerk).
    • Noticed some latency after clicking start occassionally. If it lags here, you can always hit Ctrl-F5 (this is a hard refresh of the browser) and try joining again. Second time should be the charm.

    Have fun! Look forward to seeing some of you guys on tomorrow.

    I’ll leave the chatroom open already for you guys to play with.

    If for whatever reason this chatroom turns out to have problems (it shouldn’t – just covering our bases), I can roll back to the barebones solution we went with last week. In the event of that emergency, I’ll post a post with the new link.

  • Looks good. I’m on call tonight so I might not make it on later.

  • approx.- You are too much. I’ll just watch the game and enjoy though. I don’t chat much during a game. Thanks again for all your efforts and trouble. This can’t be too easy and must be really time consuming.

  • Nah its a piece of cake 😉

  • Nah its a piece of cake 😉

    For those that know what their doing. (beer)

  • I’ll be there. I really didn’t mind the bare bones last week. I’m a big fan of simple.

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