Afterthoughts on the KU/ Michigan state game

  • Way to go KU! Glad to see some toughness lingering on. It seemed like a bruiser of a game to me. The refs were calling the game loosely. Lots of fouls could have been called, weren’t. What’s the average for foul calls so far this season guys? Are the rules from last season still slowing the game down?
    Over all I thought KU battled pretty well. Wayne couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn to save his life but he seemed to play solid D and help out in other ways. But yah just not a real good game for Selden. Our stars for the game were definitely Ellis with a near double double, Mason being Sherron light, Svi knocking down 3-6 treys and playing solid D, and Alexander with a solid line of 6/8/4 blocks! I was impressed with how they were rotating on defense, holding Izzo’s team to 32% shooting, Not letting them get easy shots, extending their defense to the trey line and helping inside. Cliff with 4 blocks! Great game. Tough as nails game.

  • @Lulufulu I think the game was to fast for the refs at the end. I thought under our basket they were out of bounds on a long out of of control possession. Either that or I thought they missed some fouls against Michigan state. Thought Cliff got hammered. Either way, good game for us to play and win! I was sounding like Izzo there!💩

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Even Vitale indicated that the refs did not call a few fouls on MU and they quit calling fouls in the second half… KU played great defense in the second half without fouling; MU never got into the bonus situation in the second half and when fouled, they had to inbound the ball instead of shooting free throws at the end of the game, a huge advantage for KU.

    Ku need to keep TOs in single digits. Some silly mistakes allowed MU to get back into the game.

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