No You're Not

  • @wissoxfan83

    As in no you’re NOT done.

    Couldn’t resist.

    And a very funny post by the way by the King of Bayou Cheese Curds–Wiss.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Top 10 signs I’m probably not done.

    1 Drawer still full of Jayhawks Boxers.

    2 Attending Jayhawks Fans Anonymous local chapter meeting tonight

    3 Still loathe misery

    4 Still writing dumb things on anonymous fan website

    5 Trash talking Rider fans in advance of tonights game

    6 Still checking out prospect lists of 5th graders wondering how they’ll look in the Phog

    7 Still trying to convince @Jayhawkfantoo that I’m not done

    8 Planning on Thanksgiving Dinner at 3AM to avoid all conflicts with KU basketball games this week.

    9 Still mad at refs for screwing us in Dallas against Duke in 1986.

    10 Wife continually tells me she wishes I was done

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