Straw Poll: Would Cal's Nike-UK stack be able to beat any top adidas coach with an equivalent 10-deep adidas stack?

  • Cal’s Nike-UK team goes 10 deep in Mickey Ds that are OAD/TAD types.

    What if all of the OADs/TAD types currently concentrated on KU, Michigan, Louisville, UCLA, and Texas (I believe these are all adidas schools) were stacked onto just one of these teams, so that the team was 10 deep in Mickey D type OAD/TAD talent.

    Does anyone think Cal could outcoach Bill Self with Bill having a 10-stack of adidas OAD/TAD types?

    Rick Pitino?

    John Bellein?

    Steve Alford?

    Rick Barnes?

    (I haven’t looked it up, but I recall all these schools being adidas schools. If not substitute the 4-5 top adidas schools.)

    I would give Cal a slim shot at beating Alford and Barnes.

    But I would give him zero shot against Self, Pitino and Bellein.

    Vote here. 🙂

    (Note: the term “stack” here is not meant to imply anything illegal or otherwise inappropriate about UK’s roster, or recruiting. Quite the contrary, it is assumed everything is on the up and up in Lexington. Stack just refers to being 10-deep in Mickey D type OADs/TADs.)

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