• I am honestly pretty scared of Texas. The team they have this year sort of reminds me of some of the great KU squads we have had in the past. A lot of highly touted high school players who had to stick around as they were not ready for the NBA right away but now they are maturing and all at the right time. They are big, they can shoot, they play very good defensed. Did anyone else see them destroy a good Cal team? This was without their best player as well. Turner looks pretty good as we all knew he would.

    Ok, so maybe I should not have said “scared” but they are really good. Better than KU at this point of the year and unlike the last few years they match us for talent. Holmes is killing people, Ridley is a beast. They are going to make a KU run for another Big 12 title very very difficult.

  • @joeloveshawks Well, now I see that Taylor is out 4-6 weeks. Perhaps my post was a bit too early.

  • @joeloveshawks I agree they will be a threat to our streak. It may depend on how long Taylor is out. If he is back for the bulk of the conference season they will be right there with us, ISU, and OU, I think. Head to head, I worry how we will do against their height.

  • Unless injuries intervene to take their customary toll, the Big 12 is set for a topsy-turvy dogfight. As I commented a week ago, KU could easily lose 5 league games and still tie with perhaps two other teams for the conference title. Probably Texas, Oklahoma or Iowa State (although some lower echelon early season sleeper usually steps up). No way that this Jayhawk squad will win the title outright with only 3 or 4 losses. The Longhorns really look formidable; but the injury thing with one or two of their returning starters or Myles Turner could derail Rick Barnes in the snap of a finger. Oklahoma has already shown weakness in organizing an effective starting lineup. We know that Mayor Fred will host a real blockbuster when we arrive in Ames. Gotta place our hopes and expectations on the Spirit of The Phog to protect our winning legacy at home. If we can keep our league slate clean in Allen FH, the title should once again trudge though Lawrence. But a very likely tie…

  • @REHawk

    The big 12 is shaping out to be the toughest conference again. WVU is 5-0 and just beat #17 and defending champion UConn.

    The latest Bracketology projects the Big 12 having 7 teams in, which at 70% matches last year’s record percentage. As comparison, the Big 10 and the ACC each has 8 teams but the Big 10 has 14 teams (57%) and the ACC 15 (53%), so the percentage is much smaller. Other conferences include the PAC 12 with 6 out of 12 teams (50%) and the SEC 4 of 14 (29%). Nobody is even close to the Big 12…and the seven conference teams do not even include West Virginia.

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