Phragile Phootball Psyche ?

  • This team has really got me scratching my head. We have some good athletes and some good coaches and there are times when we look like we can compete with just about anyone.

    Then we have that ONE play. A fumble. An interception. A missed extra point. When we missed that extra point against OU, everyone I was watching the game with figuratively threw up their hands and said " we’re done ". The bad part is, I feel like the team is doing that too.

    Are we that fragile that one bad play can turn what has been a good game into a disaster? Maybe the team can hire a Coach Hudy for the Head.

    A Doctor of Demeanor.

    A Mood M.D.

    A Physician of Perspective.

  • I hate to say this because I really hope the football program can get back on its feet soon. But I wonder if it shows that the team lacks confidence in how the coaches are calling the game. Some coaches can adjust well to the circumstances of the game and some can’t. So far this doesn’t seem to be happening for KU.

    I am willing to give Coach Weis more time to rebuild the program. Even several years. He does seems willing to try something different if Plan A isn’t working.

    Still, as Yoda said, “Do or not do. There is no try.”

  • @Carefulyou Funny you should mention that Weis is “willing to try something different” because that seems like part of the problem with the team being off-balance. Several times Weis has gone to plan B or C when plan A was working just fine. It drives me nuts watching the games, and it must be even more frustrating for the players.

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