KU leading ISU 17-0 after one quarter...

  • Impressive first quarter. Jayhawks playing well and kicking Cyclone butt; hopefully they can maintain the same level of play for the next 3 quarters.

    If the they win, it is by no means a big win but there is no question it would be huge morale booster.

  • @JayHawkFanToo they deserve a win!!!

  • @JayHawkFanToo I just can’t help but like Bowen!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Game announcers are saying that he deserves the job and no one could sell the program like he could.

  • @JayHawkFanToo do you? Those kids are responding to him. Can we do better? Loving KU sets well w/me, but I wear the crimson blue glasses!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I think Bowen is very good option as I mentioned before. Having been raised in Lawrence and played at KU, he can sell the program better than any other candidate, particularly if he gets support from the higher ups. He seems to have connected with the players and he would come at a much lower cost that a “name” coach" which has not worked well for KU recently. His contract can be structured with bonuses based on progress, so if KU does well, he makes a lot more but if it stays the same , then it does not cost KU much.

    On separate note, I really, really wish the student would not have taken the goal post down after beating ISU. Nothing says “small time” like tearing down the posts after a win over a weak opponent.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I agree w/goal post, but put yourself in a 19 year old kid. They haven’t seen many wins, and at least they were still there.

  • I’m for keeping Bowen next year with a conservative salary and generous bonus program based on performance.

    Yes-the goal post stunt could be considered a weak move-but maybe some nice recognition of the team and coaching staff considering they’ve been playing much better most games. Too bad we let OSU run back that kickoff after we tied them late in the game.

  • So good to see the team be able to celebrate a conference win. I would say this was a must have for Clint Bowen (who I like) to stay in consideration for the HC position. However, I wouldn’t just hand him the keys to the office yet. We still have 3 more games and we need to keep showing improvement in all areas on the field. We can’t get blown out of the next 3 games either. One maybe, but all three, no.

    The scary thing I noticed in this game was not hearing Ben Heeney’s name much. Not sure what it was but if it was Mangino finding a way to negate his play or our depleted D line not being able to platoon that’s a problem for me. Michael Reynolds was a beast out there today. Keegan had Victor Simmons first in his player ratings and Reynolds tenth. If I remember correctly wasn’t it Reynolds that flushed the ISU QB directly into Simmons on one of his sacks? I think Reynolds should have been 2nd or 3rd in the ratings.

    Overall, it is great to have a “feel good” day for KU football. They come too far between! Rock Chalk!

  • @eastcoasthawk

    I don’t believe we are ready to hand anyone the keys to the office; however, Bowen should certainly merit consideration.

    As far as Henny, he is still doing the same thing (7 tackles) but sometimes how often his name is called depends on who is calling the game; some announcers are more familiar with KU personnel than others and are likely to mention his name more often, while others emphasize the overall plays and not the players.

  • TCU will come next weekend wanting to win big to move up in the polls. TCU and Baylor currently sit at #5 and #6 and they have relatively easy games the rest of the way. #1 Mississippi State and #4 Alabama will likely play each other in the SEC championship game and only one will likely stay in top 4, which opens the door for 2 Big 12 teams in the final 4. Developing…

    BTW, the Vegas line is 28 points for the TCU-KU game.

  • Unfortunately we are in a tough position. We have been down so long good teams know they better score a lot of points when they play us lest they look weak so the foot never leaves the gas pedal. If our offense can’t give the defense a rest it can get ugly. AND no matter who they are playing these ranked teams are looking to score style points every game.

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