Some Military Campaign Names for Big 12 Teams

  • The Pentagon’s Department for War Names (DoWN) named the campaign against ISIS and Chorusan et al Operation Inherent Resolve. In turn, jaybate 1.0 News Service (jSN) has asked the DoWN for names for the 2014-21015 NCAA basketball campaign. Here are some proposals For Official KU Bucket Eyes Only.

    KU: Operation Inherent Title

    KSU: Operation Intrinsic Failure

    Texas: Operation Incessant Waste

    ISU: Operation Recurrent Stalker

    OSU: Operation T. Boone Frustration

    Texas Tech: Operation Free Tubby

    TCU: Operation Ardent Pointlessness

    OU: Operation Resurgent Eyebrows

    Baylor: Operation Coachless

    West Virginia: Operation Frequent Flyer Miles

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