Giants v Royals game 2

  • Cain with a 2 bagger & Hos takes walk… Butler is 333 v this guy career. Let’s get it on men !!! Time to tie it up. Yeeeaaah!!!

  • @globaljaybird Alright Billy. Damn these swing on first pitch outs. Well we in a new ballgame. 🍷

  • @globaljaybird Sorry I’m late. Wife came home just before start and spent some quality time discussing her day. She knew I wanted to watch the game so I think she gave me the abbreviated version. lol

  • @brooksmd here we go!!! That was the royals I know!

  • Come on Hunter it wasn’t even close.

  • @brooksmd that was funny!!!

  • Rookie’s impressive, just think what he will do!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Well you know Kerry Wood of the Cubs had a great fast ball as a rookie but his arm didn’t last long. Hope that doesn’t happen to V. He could have a great career if the arm stays healthy.

  • @brooksmd I don’t know much baseball outside of royals.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Don’t know if you’re old enough to remember, but back in the day the Yankees had a flamethrower named Ryne Duren. Not only could he bring the heat but his vision was so bad his glasses were like the bottom of Coke bottles. I was always amazed that anybody stayed in the box when he threw.

  • Good ol Royal baseball…

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Wow great play by Hosie.

  • @brooksmd I remember wille Randolph , Reggie Jackson, Lou pinella. Saw them play royals.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Wood in his 5th start of his rookie year threw a 1 hit shutout against Houston and recorded 20 SO’s in the process. The one hit could have easily been called an error.

    Looks like V took that grounder on the fingers. Hope he’s ok.

  • @brooksmd big stick Hos is my favorite. I played first base!!

  • Where’s global, glued in chair again?

  • Speaking of errors. I guess tonite’s official scorer didn’t watch last night’s game as Moose got charged for an error on a much more difficult play last night than Escobar’s first inning grounder to short tonite.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Been wondering the same. He started things off and disappeared. You know us ol folks, he may have dozed off.

  • Sorry, but Cain’s got to catch that ball.

  • @wissoxfan83 He’s got the speed he could’ve been back there and facing in for the catch.

  • Brandon Belt is a great baseball name.

  • Sandivol pretty much proves you don’t have to be an athlete to play baseball. Jmo

  • @brooksmd Sorry guys. Laying low with the Christian Brothers tonite. Has been a tough. Day. Missin my boy badly & feeling really guilty for contacting a rescue shelter. Who says grown men don’t cry?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @globaljaybird Been there done that. Hard to pick just one.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @globaljaybird pretty sure your buddy wouldn’t want you to be w/out a friend!!! I think I will try to get a golden in the summer. To lonely!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I think your opinion is wrong! I would say you don’t have to appear to be in peak physical condition to play baseball!

  • I didn’t go with my wife and son when they got Mikey. When I saw him I wondered why they picked him when there was a litter of Goldens to pick from. But wouldn’t trade him for nothing.

  • @wissoxfan83 isn’t that what you just said? Don’t have to be… To play baseball?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 It sounds like you were saying he’s not an athlete since he’s rather large. I’m saying, he’s athletic even though it may not appear that way. He’s a tremendous player, at least in October.

  • image.jpg

    Left to right, our doxie Precious (16 yrs old), Mylee the shiz zou we adopted from our son who moved to Australia, Mikey laying down, and Sasha our youngest son’s pit.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Hey your Marlins buddy is there again.

  • @brooksmd I love it! Don’t think you are lonely!!!

  • @brooksmd there’s a pretty good article about them trying to give him royal clothes to wear or a suite. Google it. Pretty interesting!

  • @brooksmd how old is Mikey?

  • @wissoxfan83 he can hit the ball, just not athletic in my eyes.

  • @wissoxfan83

    physically strong, fit, and active. “big, muscular, athletic boys” synonyms: muscular, muscly, sturdy, strapping, well built, strong, powerful, robust, able-bodied, vigorous, hardy, lusty, hearty, brawny, burly, heavily built, broad-shouldered, Herculean; More antonyms: puny

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Mikey will be 10 in January. We think he’s about half lab and half Catahoula. Cost us $150 to get him out of the shelter and we’ve paid enough for 2 acl surgeries and rehab…well won’t go into that. Some people might think we’re crazy.

    Too funny about Marlin;'s fan. I think I would’ve given in for the private suite for each game.

  • @brooksmd In a sea of blue at the World Series, a speck of orange popped out of the rabid Royals crowd behind home plate, in plain view of the TV cameras.

    On the man’s shirt: “Marlins.”

    The sight so rattled the home team that stadium officials asked him to leave — or at least cover up with a Kansas City Royals shirt.

    “Marlins Man” — aka 58-year-old Miami lawyer Laurence Leavy —stayed put in Marlins colors Tuesday night in Kansas City.

    A fan stood alone as others cleared their seats follow Tuesday’s Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants Game 1 of the World Series at Kauffman Stadium on Oct. 20, 2014 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Giants beat the Royals 7-1. | SHANE KEYSER/The Kansas City Star

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    Bob Lutz: Promising Ventura hopes to even World Series for Royals “The owner of the Royals was extremely upset that I was there,” Leavy said.

    They offered him a private suite if he would move.

    They tried enticing him with free World Series goodies if he would get rid of the orange jersey.

    No way, Marlins Man said.

    He paid $8,000 for that primo seat and he wasn’t about to give it up. So every time the center field camera was used, which was pretty much every single pitch, the orange-clad Leavy was in the frame for the entire country to see.

    It wasn’t the first time that Leavy as stuck out in a crowd.

    Leavy has been buying the best seats to major sporting events for years. By his count, he’s gone to 27 Super Bowls, more than 200 NBA playoff games, and at least 85 World Series games, not to mention an unknown number of Triple Crown horse races.

    He’s been a Marlins season-ticket holder since the team’s first year in 1993, is a rabid Florida State fan (he was on hand for the FSU-Notre Dame showdown in Tallahassee on Saturday before heading off to Kansas City), owns more than 100 thoroughbreds, and rarely misses a Miami Heat or Dolphins game.

    “I never had any kids, nor have any wife,” Leavy said when reached by phone Wednesday. “You don’t have to pay for a wife and kids, so you have money in the bank.”

    To splurge on sporting events.

    And nobody does it like Leavy, who attended North Miami Beach High and practices workers’ compensation law.

    In May, for example, Leavy was in San Diego watching the Marlins when pitching ace Jose Fernandez suffered his season-ending arm injury, followed the team up to Los Angeles to watch them play the Dodgers, and thus began a sports-crazed odyssey, criss-crossing the country to catch games in 16 cities in 18 days.

    As a guest of thoroughbred racing magnate Frank Stronach, he sat with actress Bo Derek before the Preakness at Pimlico Race Course in Maryland until it was time for her to bark out orders. “I kept her company until she said ‘riders up!’” Leavy said.

    The next day he flew to Indianapolis to catch Heat-Pacers, followed by Thunder-Spurs in San Antonio the day after that, back to Indianapolis for Heat-Pacers…and on and on it went.

    “It was the coolest thing,” he said.

    Leavy said he purchases most of his top-dollar tickets on StubHub.

    Sometimes, ticket brokers call him if they have great seats to major events.

    He would not reveal an amount on how much he spends annually on plane tickets and seats to sporting events, only to say “it’s a lot of money.”

    “I’ve never added it up,” he said.

    Somehow, Leavy said he is still able to run his law practice, which he does electronically during the day when he’s on the road. He has offices in Davie, Fla., and in Jacksonville.

    For years, Leavy attended sporting events largely unnoticed.

    “Nobody noticed me when I wore a Cowboys shirt,” he said. “Nobody noticed me when I wore a Heat jersey.”

    But when the Marlins changed their uniform colors in 2012, going from a mostly black and teal to orange and black, everything changed. Leavy suddenly became recognizable.

    Last year, he was spotted wearing his Orange Marlins apparel in San Francisco for the World Series. The following day he drove out to the Golden Gate Bridge to take some pictures of the landmark when he was spotted by a couple of park rangers, who drove up in a truck to shoo him away from a dangerous cliff.

    “One of the guys goes, ‘Aren’t you the guy we’ve been watching on TV behind home plate?’ ” Leavy recalled. “And the other guy says, ‘He’s the Marlins Man!’ ”

    The next thing Leavy knew, the park rangers were asking him to have selfies taken with him with the Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop.

    From that day forward, Leavy became known as the Marlins Man, which is the name found on the back of the six orange Marlins jerseys he owns. He now has his own Twitter handle – @Marlins_Man – and picked up close to 1,000 new followers after Tuesday’s game alone.

    Leavy said that after Tuesday’s game, he was contacted by fans around the world, which kept him up all night.

    “I’ve been getting tweets from Japan, from Mexico and France,” he Leavy said he isn’t doing it for the attention.

    “I didn’t plan any of this,” he said. “I’m not selling anything. I’ve been doing this — going to sporting events — pretty much non-stop since 1999. I dated a girl for nine years who hated sports and when that ended, I started going everywhere.”

    Leavy said he will be on hand — sitting in the same seat with his Marlins jersey — for Game 2 of the World Series on Wednesday and possible Games 6 and 7, whether the Royals want him there or not.

    Read more here:

  • @brooksmd I understand what we do for our buddies!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That explains it. With his money if he’d wanted a private box or Royals stuff he’d buy it. 🍷

  • @brooksmd still think he wants attention!

  • We’ve made it to the bottom of the 6th in a tied game and the best relievers in baseball ready to show their stuff. I’m liking this.

  • @brooksmd Now that’s my kind of family portrait !!

  • @wissoxfan83 this pitchers pretty darn big too.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Butler can waitthis guy out-he’s way too pumped.

  • @globaljaybird +10

    Come on Billy put your name in the HR col…okay a single works too.

  • @brooksmd Cain, now that’s an athlete!!! Stud!!

  • I’m beginning to think Billy is waiting for game 6 where he can hit the walk-off HR.

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