Some Possible Places Charlie Weis Might Coach Next

  • Convent San Tanco Fighting Flying Nuns (San Juan, Puerto Rico), Big Nunnery Conference, Mother Superior Bertrille’s (formerly known as Sister Bertrille aka Sally Field) first big hire since taking over the convent.

    Hagia Sophia Fighting Constantines (Istanbul, Turkey), Big Eastern Orthodox Catholic Conference.

    Truth or Consequences High School Fighting Uncertainties (Truth or Consequences, New Mexico), The Big Risk Interscholastic Conference.

    Hell Highschool Fighting Blasphemers (Hell, Oregon), Big Netherworld Interscholastic League.

    Industrial City Fighting Child Laborers (Industrial City, Indonesia), East Asian Kickbox-Football League.


    Note: All fiction. No malice.)

  • I’m not going to speculate about CW’s future (mostly because as long as he’s not at Kansas, I just don’t care!), but I’m starting to have a little man-crush on Clint Bowen.

    At first I was like, this season is toast, just make it through until December and let’s see who’s out there that can turn this thing around. After the Okie State game, I’m starting to think the guy we’re looking for is already on the sidelines.

    Keep up the good work Clint. Not many people have the chance to pursue their dream jobs.

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