What Is Fun?

  • That first colonoscopy, especially the “pre-game” prep - FUN.

    Getting jalapeno juice in your eyes - FUN.

    Having a forklift drive over your foot - FUN.

    When your drunk brother-in-law tries to make a cast and hooks your nose - FUN.

    Having a blowout on I-35 in the middle of Dallas - FUN.

    When your dentist says “You seem pretty tough, I don’t really think you need anesthesia to fill your tooth” and he’s wrong - FUN.

    Getting your '75 Chevy truck stuck in the mud, then standing in a giant pile of fire ants while trying to push it out - FUN.

    Dry heaves - FUN


  • @nuleafjhawk well I’m watching! Royals, chiefs, and KU bb keep me going!

  • Touchdown!

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