Things that we just need to acknowledge & accept

  • Well guys, coming to the end of another Season. Not the way we wanted things to turn out, but some things happen & then there are things we just have to acknowledge and accept.

    Ya, true at the beginning of the yr KU was pretty much the consensus # 1 ranked team in the Nation, Hunter Dickinson was heard heavy as possible POY, & 1st team all American , and KU was in pretty heavy of winning the whole dam thing.

    Then things out of Control happens . The kid that was going to be one of our outside threats, creates his own shot , scorer gets dismissed ( Arterio Morris ) - -then Kevin McCullar goes down and plays very little late, - -Now Hunter dislocated his shoulder - - - -Timberlake is a no show for 95 % of the Season ( another outside scoring threat ) - & El Marko really struggles ( now probable transfer out ) Those are things that are hard to over come.

    Yet there ar things that we have to accept other then the other things mentioned above. - -We have just got to come to grips that HEY these teams that have joined the Big 12 this Season ae better then what was normally thought they would be. Obviously Houston didn’t miss a beat, coming from the AAC to the Big 12. BYU is really quite a bit better then I think most would give them credit for before the Season began. I myself thought they would be alright , but they have done much better. Cincinnati not no dog, ( 2nd in the Nation in rebounding ) -any given night they can raise up- -Even UCF can bite some one, The League is just better then it was period, no nights off - - there is no rock lock wins - -evidence ? - unfortunately this year, look at KU @ UCF - -BYU coming into the phog and whooping us - -This is just a war - - night in - -night out.

    Thing is this Conference even NEXT YEAR is going to get even tougher - with the teams coming in next year – Arizona the main one BUT Colorado with Coach Boyle can be a petty solid team - This is going to be even a MORE battle tested Conference , no nights off - no automatic W’s -you got to bring your A game every time out. - -I think the days of KU dominating this league are over, YES we will still be one of the Top dogs BUT we have just got to understand much harder to control/run this league. Arizona- - Baylor - - Houston - KU - - Texas Tech - -to name a few - Times are changing , we have just been so spoiled makes this year look double bad - -Are we really that bad with even Hunter & Kevin - -OR could it be that this league is just an absolute zoo of a league - -the BEST league in the Land. - -I think it’s the later of the two. Gonna be a challenge , but just got to understand ,acknowledge THIS LEAGUE is a Bitch - -ROCK CHALK

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