New possible CFP format would be better for Big 12

  • Well listened to podcast today and there is a lot of talk about the latest format for the CFP’s. -The newest CFP format is gaining a lot of steam and actually they think this is the one that will be ending up being the new format.

    It would be a fourteen team Module - -and the Breakdown would be THREE Automatic Bids for the BIG - - THREE Automatic Bids for the SEC - -and then TWO Automatic bids for the Big 12 - - - Two Automatic bids for the ACC - - -Norte Dame would get a bid if they were ranked in the top fourteen in the Nation - & then there would be THREE at Large bids - -This format would help the Big twelve because they would be getting TWO bid instead of just ONE. - -more money, the payouts still pretty uneven but still more money A lot better for football rather then the BIG & SEC getting FOUR BIDS compared to the Big 12’s ONE BID - -Sounds like in the end this will be the one, would be in place for 2026. - Hope this works out a 3 --3 - --2 - -2— -3 -1

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