I think we got some people sweating nuggets guys

  • Ha, reading comments from various people. - -Actually funny that they are possibly afraid / worried that KU has become a relevant football program. Other fan bases, - -other teams coming to the realization that KU football can no longer just be chalked up as an automatic W, they can’t give banged up starters a week off when playing KU.

    Others trying to convince themselves that Coach L will bolt and KU will return to garbage. - -" NEW FLASH " - I truly believe with all my heart Coach is here to stay until the end. He has stated repeatedly that how the University had treated him and his wife so well and they like it really well here, and would like to retire here. - -He has turned down multiple jobs or where he had been mentioned , I think with this raise and watch he will get additional years added to that contract right now goes till 2029. -I think with the stadium remodel which he was a big determining factor in getting that done, and these recruiting classes - I don’t think he is going ANYWHERE

    Couple of tid bits : - If you get the chance there is a nice post / article on our future QB - -I think he is our future a JD6 version 2 - - maybe a little better - he lead his team to Michigan State title, great write up on him - -kid is a stud big time offers stayed loyal to KU - -article comes from TOS under 24 recruiting. KU now has two really good QB’S coming in, gonna be hard to hang onto both.

    Another piece I saw was Jalon Todd one of our prized recruits , enrolled early has already gain 16 pounds and Gildersleeve tested him out to the equivalent of running at 21.03 MPH that’s insane-- -guess you could call him quick lol

    Also happen to see an article off ESPN they had I think yesterday , it was they had listed College top ten intriguing QB’S in 2024 --and they listed JD6 in there really nice write up on him. Also saw an article talking about KU having a better chance of making the CFP in the upcoming yr then Oklahoma, needless to say that yes we KU are now Relevant, well actually seven schools that had better chance to reach the CFP over Oklahoma and KU was one of them.-- I’m ready for some football lol

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