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  • Ok, guys so first I’m going to try and explain the best I can through a couple of thoughts. I don’t want to turn this into a pissin post because there is a really good chance I’m just blowing hot air and just not right thinking , I can acknowledge that BUT I dunno why, but just have to get it out anyways & I’ve said this before this Season but it just keeps rubbing at me. Again any difference you have is perfectly fine and chances are your right but here goes anyways:

    First let me say I know yes, Hunter is a good player, a very good player or he wouldn’t of been so highly sought after in the portal - -I get that , I really do & I don’t know where we would be without him. I even battle with myself on this because I DO KNOW THIS — and yet like I said I’ve stated this before :

    To me – -for me - - -I don’t know just for me I’ve said this ALL year , with Hunter in something - - - just doesn’t look right, doesn’t feel right. - I have said Hunter is just a BAD FIT for this team, he just doesn’t fit right, Again not saying he isn’t good - - -I get that he is good, but just looks wrong on this team.

    Our teams have always been Sooo much better when we run , ya we run now some but in the past we have more, get the ball and GO.- -So much better on the break. free flowing. With Hunter, , it just seems he bogs us down more often in a set pattern half court offense - -bogs us down, we try to run more for him in the post, and these teams are doubling So he kicks it out or forces up a shot that’s not falling - - -or if the set play doesn’t work , we reset and guys start to force the issue - - -that either turn into a bad forced shot – a forced pass - - or into a live ball turnover that results in easy points for whoever. – I think that’s part of Juan’s higher turnover rate that he is going through - -trying to force the ball to Hunter or to whoever right now. Again don’t get me wrong Hunter plays well, BUT he is not the most athletic, -what he is – is Big -Tall - -Bulky so when he post up down low and locks in then ya I like our chances, but with guys trying to force things , it turns into some really ugly ball.

    I’m not trying to place all the blame on Hunter because it’s not -Hunter is Hunter - I just feel this isn’t our best style of ball - -us running a slower pace set play pattern is not good - -in the past we have run , free flow pattern get it out and go. -Do I have the answers ? - -No not at all, like I said I argue with myself on this a lot saying or thinking what the hell you talking about, but in our best style of free flow , run --then Hunter is a sloth , more of a hinderance - -again it just seems like a bad fit for this team.

    Honestly for me I would just as soon have a sleeker, 6’9 - 6’10 kid that was a little more athletic, could get out and run , get up and down the floor, be able to be a good rim defender, and even average 12-13 points per I’d be fine -A Lot of bigger kids now days fit that mold now. - -Hunter is more of a mold that fit well what 10 yr’s ago, more traditional older post player? -The game has sped up and that’s where we fit better.

    OK , I’m done -so now you can cuss at my post - - you can blast me , - -you can ask me if I’m totally nuts, -cause you could very well be right-- like I said I even question myself on this at times - -and yet still feel to me - - it just sure seems like a bad fit - - just doesn’t work. In the end I feel this could very easily be what ends up being a big part of the end of our Season - -playing that slower pace -forced passes, leading to turnovers.

    Even in recent past YES our 5 spot wasn’t good but even with Juan – - KJ at the 5 - - Grady - - Jalen - and even with Och -we were running much more free flow let it fly , up and down - looked better, fun to watch. This year at times they bog down, some extended periods of non scoring droughts - it’s not all Hunter but the style is not good. Just with this team it is not a good half court set offense team. - -Ok guys, I’m sorry just me, my thoughts ya probaably nutts -just how I feel a lot of the time. - -Have a great day - -ROCK CHALK

  • I don’t disagree. Like you, I wish he were more mobile and a dominant defender. But his passing is excellent, he’s improved his rebounding (with a few off games recently), and he really does shoot the ball with nice touch. And he’s a tough competitor, I think. I can’t imagine where we’d be without him, even if we still had the two bigs who left.

  • We can win with Hunter. But not if the rest of the team cant shoot and the bench doesnt contribute. We arent going to grind out games with defense. I wouldnt call Hunter a bad fit. Id say we are missing other pieces.

  • Hunters defense will never be great but he usually makes up for it with offense and rebounding. If we can get kev and Johnny to consistently knock down 3s and Juan to take a few more a game, he’d be putting up even better numbers. Hard to be mad at a guy that leads the team in rebounds and is on pace to set a program record in that department.

  • @jayballer67 I’ve had a lot of the same sinking feelings. He is kind of the Anti-Juan. If you look at his stats, he’s sitting here at 18 and 11 with double doubles everywhere and you have to think, wow this guy is GREAT. And as an individual player at the college level he is great because he’s very tall and can shoot. But I’m not sure what he does well besides those two things. You talk about him being big but he really doesn’t even get that good of low post position a lot of times because he either doesn’t work hard enough for it, or is too tired or not strong enough to get it. He gets lots of rebounds but how often have we seen him GO GET a rebound? They mostly come to him because he’s tall, generally camped out near the bucket and playing 30 minutes a game.

    And I totally agree, I have no idea where we’d be without him on this team but it is starting to make sense to me how he could put up such big numbers on underachieving teams at Michigan. The big question isn’t would we rather have him or Braun in. That’s a no brainer. But, maybe like you, this is just a grass is always greener type take, but I think I might have been happier with Udeh and Zuby instead of Hunter and Parker.

    And to be clear, Hunter isn’t THE reason this team is 1-3 on the road in the big 12. That has more to do with a gaping hole at the guard spot. This team was counting on having one more guard who could, ya know, guard, but also handle the ball, shoot it, and be a threat to get his own shot. Elmarko just isn’t ready to do all that yet. And Furphy is great at what he is doing right now but he’s really more of a 3/4 than a 2/3.

    So @jayballer67 I won’t be cussing you or even disagreeing. Hunter is a great player, but the question of has he been great for this team is definitely up in the air to me.

  • I for sure understand your views benshawk08, and yet I can understand how some people might think we are Hunter haters , but that is just not the case. As you said like myself Hunter is a good player , but it just doesn’t look right - -something seems just off with that lineup and Hunter. Like you said on his rebounding, really good rebounder, but your right when does he seek the rebound? - most that he gets falls in his lap because of his height. I’d be interested what his explosion is. -you say Udeh - -Zuby ,- - both I think of course would be good, hated to see them leave but I understand. No argument for sure at this point, probably never but I think the way our Big’s have developed over time in this system, again I think I would be just as happy with that 6’9 - -6’10 more springy -more athletic- more bounce , fluid, guy that can really get out and run - -a taller version of KJ. A kid that like KJ handles the ball well and can really run the floor well. I wish we could of hung onto Udeh. - -now us losing our guard this year sure didn’t help things , and w would be screwed even more without Hunter - again pretty good but just my opinion.

    Next yr could be a perfect example with Flory coming in. Very unpolished offensively but a kid highly rated - -runs rim to rim great rim protector Great bounce , this is a kid that can get out and run - -protect the rim - -finishes rim rattling lobs - -swats just about everything - -THIS is the type of player that just seems more to fit - -maybe score 8-9 -10 a game - -run and defend the rim - let him develop. Look how Dave developed over his time at KU , we have a history of developing these guuys- -I don’t know just seems like with a set offense the ball sticks a lot of times. I really can’t argue either side of this post strongly. I think both sides have very valid points - -just frustrating

    Thanks for your patience on this post guys, your understanding bottom line we all want the same thing, see our guys do well

  • Great answers , views and opinions guys. Appreciate the feed back really don’t think there is a 100 % solution/answer on either side of the fence. This is/was just my view , opinion glad to have the discussion about it. Just gets frustrating for me to see them struggle like they have.

    You all have valid points, I just agree a little more with benshawk08–I mean hell if I was Coaching w would never lose – I have yet to lose ONE SINGLE game from my recliner lol

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