Maybe some here might want to back up off Juan some

  • You know we have some here that think El Marko should take away Juan more of his minutes, now for relief possibly but to start Jackson over Juan where I have seen that stated or to take a lot of his minutes just don’t validate that theory. Y^es I can see spot tie to give Juan a break sure, but other then that your just whacked.

    If you think Juan is going too be some scoring machine , then your just flat wrong , never has been , never will be , Juan is just not that type of player. He is much more defensive and assist type. He can score , he has proven that, but he is assist first.

    Now for Juan - - El Marko comparison it’s not close , Juan shoots better fg % then Jackson , he is much better assists ( big 12 assist leader at 7.1 ) then Jackson , better 3 point shooter then Jackson not even close , Juan is the 2nd best 3 point shooter on the team at 44 % ) Juan is a better rebounder then Jackson, Juan has a better steal rate then Jackson – -as far as saying Juan doesn’t shoot the ball enough - - Juan has attempted the 2nd most three point attempts only behind Kevin. - -The only thing Jakson is better at is free throw % - -& not turning the ball over as much.

    Juan is just not that type of PG, Juan is a more typical run the offense first , get others who are in a better position to score first pg his assists ration points that out. Juan has hit some key shots for us in clutch time, huge shots, maybe we for got those.-- -Yet to think you would rather play Jackson more over Juan ?- -that just make sense , you talking about not shooting enough , not scoring enough umm Hello - Jackson didn’t even attempt a shot for two games - El Marko is not the answer over Juan, Jackson would not be a huge improvement by taking Juans minutes production wise. Jackson isn’t s a good of a defender - -With Juan you have a proven experienced leader on the floor .Sure his floater is struggling right now that’s very true but I’ll take Juan over Jackson hands down , in a heart beat any time , any day , anywhere

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