Fox Big Noon Kickoff pregame coming to KU

  • Last year we got game day , THIS YEAR Fox Big Noon pregame coming to KU. - -Kinda interesting thought they would probably be at the site of Utah/Oregon but works for me.

    Just hope we don’t lay an egg , and get blown out. - Jalen is a must, I didn’t remember last year think it said we lost 52-42. - Gotta have ALL our guns ready , Defense has to stand up make a statement.

    Oklahoma has had trouble running the ball this year according to an Oklahoma article , so we don’t need them having a record setting day running the ball. Each and every KU player needs to bring their hard hat on and take accountably. - Need our backs to break out - -play smart. - -Special teams needs to play better, guess I’m just looking for that one perfect game - - - like I sai if we want any chance -we have to have Jalen. - Time to go to work - - Booth needs to be packed & really loud. - - -ROCK CHALK

  • @jayballer67 I was encouraged by the UCF game, but probably shouldn’t be.

  • @nuleafjhawk said in Fox Big Noon Kickoff pregame coming to KU:

    @jayballer67 I was encouraged by the UCF game, but probably shouldn’t be.

    Yes, I understand where your coming from on that. Yet as you know it’s usually not good to try and get into comparative scores and such. - I was looking at the same things & then I got more logical and tried to look at a Broader scale.

    First yes I thought well we just pretty well curb stomped UCF , then thought well wait for just a second or two. Let’s look at some things, true they didn’t run like that against us, and very true cause coming right out of an Oklahoma article saying the reporter said it’s time to face it - - Oklahoma has no running game. - we ran wild on them. - -Now watch Saturday they will stuff our running game - - lol - - hope not.

    Le’s look at just a couple of things to try and keep in mind. First : - -when we played UCF , Plumlee-Rice didn’t play, he played a series, against OU he played the entire game and made a big difference. Second , When we played UCF we played here at home - -When they played Oklahoma , they played at home. - So that’s a couple of things Like I said at first I was thinking well hell if UCF plays them like that then we should have a really good shot - -Don’t get me wrong we very well could, hoping the Booth will be packed and loud - -FOR US. we don’t need Oklahoma fans outnumbering KU fans.

    Hoping Jalen goes and hope our line can maintain blocks for pass protection & creting holes for our RB’S - -ROCK CHALK

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