I guess the Big question is this week ?

  • Haven’t heard anything 100 % for sure , positive OR Negative , but the Big question for the week is - - -Will Jalen be able to play Friday because of his back tightness. - -Does he need to play Friday ? Or do we take the precautions and rest him and hope he is ready next week for Illinois ? - Kinda hope he plays, but again don’t want to risk further more serious injury/longer time off

  • Man. I just went on an emotional roller coaster -first I thought jalen Wilson was injured. Then I thought basketball was starting soon. Then I realized both jalen Wilson was not playing for KU anymore and basketball is months away. 😩 but Wilson is ok 😊 lol

  • Need that Jalen healthy to have a good season. Hope he recovers fully soon.

  • @dylans you ever take a nap so good, you miss the bus but it’s Saturday and you’re 40. Haha

  • Listening to Coach’s press Conference this morning, sure sounds like Jlen is a go ( No Dylans -Not Jalen Wilson lol )- -just giving ya the business guy, but sounds for sure like at this point Jalen is a go for sure

    Coach looked at his two deep and shows JD6 as the starter with no OR behind him and he said w are going to play everyone who is available. Said JD had been doing things and to say he hadn’t been practicing would be incorrect. . Said they trying to Balance his playing to make sure he is ready for week 2- -Sounds like he is a go - - -YIPPEE

  • @kjayhawks I did that! 25 years ago…:(

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