A take away from Coach L's weekly conference

  • just got through listening to Lance’s weekly meeting, and a couple of things that I took away.

    1st he did a pretty good job of answering without getting specific , but I’m just starting to get this feel and that is Don’t be surprised if JD 6- -doesn’t start next Friday , may not play at all. Coach didn’t say that, but yet really didn’t come out and say much at all when ask , just said he is doing more, concerning his back issues.

    Then he promptly follows that up a short time later talks about how Jason has had a really good camp . -Could be 1000% wrong believe it or not YES I have been wrong before, yes I know , I know as hard as that seems to believe lol I can be wrong. -So just getting this feel that he is not ready , now do we need him next Friday ? - -More likely then not we don’t , the only reason we need him would be so he could ge reps. He has been pretty limited would be nice for him to get some live reps in. - We might just hold him out and try to make sure he is ready the following week against Illinois. - -I reckn could still go one way or another, but just guessing as of Today , the way Coach acted didn’t really give a lot of update is , I think decent chance he doesn’t go. Hope I’m wrong.

    Then real briefly here Coach was asked about this whole idea on the NIL and how some States are offering high School kids as soon as they sign & we know who the subject was pointed at hen they brought this up. I get the impression that Coach isn’t to hyphed on this NIL. – he mentioned about EVERYONE being on an equal playing field and how he hadn’t really talked to any law makeers about things but he siad how this is and will cause a challenge about the way they go about doing things and then said when we have " Neighboring States " with this whole thing - - wonder who he could possibly be talking about ? lol - -can you say M - - I - - S - -S - -E - R - -Y and if NIL had any influenece in landing the # 1 rated player overall to land at their School - -Surely Not - screw Mizzou

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