oh ya it's happening things growing legs, things getting hot

  • Mercy got a feeling things are really gonna start falling in this re-alignment . - -More & More public statements coming out. sounds like Colorado just might be joining the Big 12 very soon , they want out of the Pac 12, and right now Pac 12 is screwed they have no contract. ESPN has removed themselves from anything dealing with the Pac 12 and Tier 1 broadcast & no contract right now. Pretty obvious when Washington St making their statement on freezing things.

    Colorado will be the 1st and then the domino effect falls Arizona SAYS they have a BIG 12 invite if the Pac 12 collapse’s, they are DONE. Keep your eyes on Colorado see what happens in the future, they very easily will be the 1st of the Schools, soon to be followed by Arizona

  • yet more change is on the way This fro m Dennis Dodds today from CBS at 12:30: Colorado has been in substantive talks with the Big 12 a source with knowledge of the discussion said. Colorado and the Big 12 have met face to face involved in consistent talks over a period of Several months. Berry Trammel from the Oklahoma insider reported Trammel said coming out of Fiesta Summit in Scottsdale that Colorado is ready to join the Big 12 Soon. With They still want to see if the PAC 12 can match or come anywhere close to a deal like the Big 12, enough of a del to keep the league together but no contract and feeling is there won’t be one to compete with Big 12. They feel if indeed Colorado commits to the Big 12 that’s the domino that starts to make things fall , the chain starts and feeling is the other schools follow.

    Big 12 suppose to get updates on expansion prospects this week during the Spring Meetings in WV

    Big 12 commish wants this, s he seeks to be the only conference that would be in all 4 time zones - -oh it’s happening - sooner or later- -but it is happening

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