Transforming Into Super Kev

  • In Kevin Mccullar’s senior speech, I noticed a few things:

    1. He loved this team.
    2. He felt a little like an outsider to me. He talked like a guy who has gone through the fire with his teammates, but the anecdotes werent there. The lack of 4 years of history was apparent.

    Now, he is one of 3 returning players. No longer will nice guy Kev have to defer to players with more history, save Dajuan and KJ, also nice guys.

    Its time to go all out Dawg. This team demands it of Kev.

    The stage is set. This was the script I was waiting for. Kev is the hero I want to watch. I cannot wait!

  • I think you’re on to something. You could see him noticeably defer to JW on several occasions last year. I think having HD at the rim will allow him to fly all over the court.

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