Kkentucky's Pro day(s)

  • So Coach Cal and his Wildcats are having a pro day before the season starts, inviting all the pro scouts over a two day period to showcase his players.

    He says this is so he won’t have scouts at practices during the season as a distraction. That it will give his players an idea of what they need to work on.

    But wait, it is also visitation day for high schoolers at UK that weekend.

    So we all know Cal is doing this for himself, not to benefit the kids in any way. He will have high school kids there in contact with NBA scouts. Is that even allowed? This puts him in the headlines for the Month of September, if you remember in August he had to bring up again he was asked to take the Cleveland job. What will he do for October?

    Notice he didn’t do an ice bucket challenge, because had he ESPN would have had a two hour special on it. Plus then everybody would have seen just how greasy his hair is when the water was repelled off like a Rain-Ex coated windshield.

    He can bring in all the talent he wants, he can have them scouted all he wants. It still won’t make him a better coach.

    Maybe he will call into a radio show and complain about all the nay------oh wait he’s already done that

  • Not by coincidence, I saw a listing yesterday of the 25 most sleazy figures in sports. Coach Cal’s name was firmly planted in that list.

    Obviously this is allowed by NCAA rules, but it still reeks of crossing the line between amateurism and professionalism.

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