Proposed: KU Institute for Global Product Endorsement Research

  • I just read where a bundle of four recruits that will be at Lat Night will also go as a foursome to UK’s tepid equivalent of Late Night. I think it is something called Cracked Teeth and Still Juice in the Night, or something like that. Anyway, it occurred to me to wonder if Nike and adidas were perhaps in a bidding war for this foursome? Does anyone know if the foursome are going to go to an Under Armour school’s Late Night equivalent? This type of cluster recruiting/marketing of endorsement talent could get very interesting.

    I have a suggestion for CBernie, the AD, Self and the Dean of the Journalism/Advertising school. How about KU creates a degree path, or at least a major, in “Global Product Endorsement”? It could be in advertising under the marketing rubric. Or stand alone. Players take a curriculum geared toward preparing them for the techniques, enterprise science, market economics and law of global and regional product endorsement. Players are trained not only how to engage in product endorsement as endorsers, but how to then move into management and regulatory and policy making roles in the product endorsement field. Product endorsement is a huge specialty field within marketing and advertising.

    KU could “develop” endowments and attract grants to an Institute for Global Product Endorsement Research.

    Imagine how much money adidas, or Nike, or Under Armour would be willing to allocate to endowing such an institute. The institute could over time become a research and policy generating and promoting organization focusing on regulation and standards in global product endorsement. It would quickly become massively influential. The institute should be set up to address product endorsement beyond just sports. Huge!!!

    Players would come back and finish their undergraduate degrees in Product Endorsement and then go on to graduate degrees and affiliation with the Institute.


    Rock Chalk!!!

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