Oklahoma & Texas leaving early

  • Well they gone. - -Oklahoma & Texas came to agreement with the Big 12 pending agreement from Texas& Oklahoma Presidents I think it said. - -Article broke of Sic-em 365 from Baylor that I read.

    With the two Schools early both will pay or between the two schools will pay 100 Millon - -the Schools will leave following the 2023/2024 Season - So next year will be their last Season in the Big 12

  • Start iterating on petty names like Tex ass and Chokelahoma

  • @approxinfinity said in Oklahoma & Texas leaving early:

    Start iterating on petty names like Tex ass and Chokelahoma

    Were gonna be fine - -plus I think they are in for a rude awakening in the SEC football

  • @jayballer67 Oh - we’ll be MORE than fine! With Texas and Oklahoma gone, it’s entirely possible that in the next few years, the State of Kansas will be dominating in football and basketball. I can say that with a straight face now.

  • ✌

  • @approxinfinity It’s hard to improve on Tex-Ass, but I kind of like Sucklahoma, too.

  • @nuleafjhawk It’s so damn windy here in Kansas because Nebraska blows so bad and Oklahoma sucks so hard!

  • The Big 12 isn’t in a great place, to be honest. No big football brands left, only KU as a big basketball brand. Mashup of mediocrity.

    There are two ways out. First, the PAC goes tits up and the Big 12 can pick who they want. Give me Utah, Colorado, the Arizonas, Washington, and Oregon. That gives the league a very strong foothold in the west. Second, the conferences tell the NCAA to go pound sand and we’re taking the basketball tournament. At that point KU becomes almost Notre Dame levels of valuable and we can pick between the SEC and Big Ten. Either way, this is a mess and has more uncertainty than I’d like for my beloved KU.

  • Both of these sound good to me. Maybe the B12 can add a few ACC schools down the road as well. I think Kansas will be fine for a little while but pretty soon it will be hard to stay competitive with the B10 and SEC using boosters to pay for new facilities and renovations, NIL for players, coaching salaries, etc., when the schools in the B10 and SEC are using the extra 40 million they are making annually to pay for those things. I don’t think it’s a viable long-term solution for Kansas.

    Anyway, I’m not exactly hoping the P12’s demise, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for us if they can’t find a new media deal that is close in money to ours and the four corners jump to the B12, and if we’re lucky Oregon and Washington jump as well. Since Oregon and Washington are hoping to join the B10 (or maybe SEC) though, I wonder under what sort of terms they would be willing to join the B12.

  • Well whether we are in favor of the expansion or not , when it’s all said and done think it’s happening. - -the genral theme has been that in the end we will add the four corner schools. Arizona , Arizona St , Colorado & Utah.

    Talk is on most of the PAC 12 board that it’s a done deal that the PAC 12 will get picked apart , I know Arizona wants to join the big 12 pretty bada and soon - they want out , and the feel is that it will be a domino effect with others following.

    The Pac 12 is wanting to try and get San Diego State & SMU to join so they can add coverage in the Texas Market and the West Coast- - - they are in trouble though because they are trying to get their TV package together and nothing really left as ESPN not interested & Fox has Theirs --they mainly having to rely on streaming like with Amazon , pluto and others and say that’s not going to add eyes to the whole thing so the value will not help.

    Or the feel is and people saying now that the Big 12 has given Oklahoma & Texas the early out that just strangely familiar that by doing so Yormark wants the NEW Big 12 the jump and fits perfect to add expand and that would be the four corner Schools seems to be the popular belief. - – In the end it sur sound like the PAC 12 is done and there will be expansion in the Big 12

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