Sanders is just classless

  • Man Prime is screwing around and in the end it is going to bite him in the ass. Seen this post of TOS , All about Sanders cutting a player in a video while on the internet.

    Now I guess while the kid had screwed up a couple of times , true he might of needed let go - so here he is in this video - - has the team there asking them what they thought he ought to do , taking responses talking about how this kid has hurt the family - -so in the end he says whoever thought he needed to go stan up. - -Then he says whoever think he needs to go stand up - -well more thought he needed to go then not stood up. - - - Like several posts on this whole thing said - -he is already getting to the point where he has his team divided , not a good situation

    Like others said - -you don’t do something like this in a video live on the internet , this should of been kept in house - they could of taken a vote but to embarrass the kid in front of 1000’s of people the making him leave live right then and there telling him to leave totally classless. You could of called him in the office and told him you was yanking his Scholi - but he rather do it in this manner - -Alot of people talking about how gutless action it was and just done wrong. - -gain you don’t do something like this and internal thing and make a public display out of it what the hell you thinkin ? - - YOUR NOT SANDERS IDIOT

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