Not sure about anyone else but ready to roast some pig

  • Wish I could go to the bowl game , I think were gonna show up for sure. Think this could be a statement game show Americ we are on our way back - show our progress. Arkansas got hit hard by portal and declaring for NFL - pretty good team BUT I think we can play with them. - -Think it might be a track meet lots of points.

    I think their board said they have lost like 23 players to the portal / NFL / or injury they said themselves kind of depleted. - Yet we can’t help that, all we can do is play against who is on the field in front of us. - Hoping for a clean game & the boys are clicking --Want to hear them squeal when wqe stick it to them - - SOOOOOOOOOOOO–IEEEEEEEEE - - - ROK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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