Watch Yo Back OU........

  • The big sports headline in the Salina Journal this morning:


    K-State coach Bill Snyder, often difficult to please, praises team’s effort as season nears

    " I think we’re reasonably on track," he said. " The effort has been good during this period of time."

    That is the equivalent of any other coach saying " We’re pretty much unstoppable - we’re going to kick some butt and take some names this year."

  • I hope you’re right and I think you may be. I’ll be watching on Saturday and pulling for the Wildcats.

  • Has anyone considered just cutting a deal with KSU football to become KSU-KU football? 🙂

    The Wildhawks.

    I know. Its sacrilege. But after Gill and Cholly, why not?

  • Meanwhile, KU runs a contests to pick which uniform they will wear … ugh.

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