Well might a well 24 recruits

  • Well KU off and running ya Iknow long way out but sounds solid. - Got a verbal commit from a RB out of Oklahoma - -Red Martel , been to KU twice this year, Once watching the Duke game - -then the other just past weekend watching KU & Oklahoma State.

    Said he loves Devin Neal watching him run - says can’t wait to meet Devin - - Had offer from Colorado but had started to get interest from Oklahoma and some sweet others - -he has stats of 118 carries for 1,232 yards and 15 touchdowns and then he has 40 receptions for 402 yards and another 3 touchdowns. being compared some to Hi Shaw.

    Sure now we have to hang onto him but nice start

  • @jayballer67 Gonna have our hands full trying to hang on to this kid. - last game in the playoffs

    Martel rushed the ball 43 time for – 359 yards and scored - -5 touchdowns- - -hope we hang on to him

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